Justin Maller is an Australian born, Brooklyn, NY based illustrator & designer. Justin joins Chuck in episode 13 to talk about how they’ve known each other for over 12 years, the NBA, the early days of design on the internet, Justin’s many projects including his collaborations and one-design-a-day-for-365-days project ‘Facets’, among lots of other things. A very fun one and the first Australian accent ever on Life + Limb. Enjoy.

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    Milieu 3/4

  • mydeadpony:

    Personal illustration - Fragile but never breaks

  • brisseaux:

    34 - BRISSEAUX 

  • riotwithme:

    1 of 5 pieces commissioned by ESPN The Magazine back in 2008. They didn’t end up using what I made but they did pay well. ;)

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    I’m on Instagram. Are you? ^_^
    Follow my Instagram only art. Here is a new one for you x

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    A video of artist Anneli Olander going through her creative process to the tune of one of the strangest songs I’ve ever heard. When I first watched this video, I was with my ex and we were both incredibly stoned, and this music put us in the weirdest head-space imaginable - we were totally transfixed to the video and the end result seems to match it quite aptly…

    Was chuckling as I read the comment - it’s quite strange to know that something I did back in the day made an impact on someone later on - in this case maybe not so much the art but the overall vlog experience haha <3

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    Buggin’ out. 

    Sara Blake is a multi-talented artist & designer from NYC by way of Virginia. Sara joins Chuck to talk about her humble beginnings as a curious student who somewhat fell into design to now traveling the world in support of her work for clients and speaking events alike, being introverted in an intensely extroverted creative industry, tattoos, and much more.



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    Made this messing around with my “Paracosm” piece yesterday

    Thanks for support on Android app! ICYMI we added Muzei support - all 365 pieces for 99c. Who’s waiting on the iOS app? Only a couple weeks to go!

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